We reduce 60% of the cost of hydrogen by eliminating compression and distribution

Our solution is elegant and simple. Through our patented atmospheric pressuring system, we’re able to take existing PEM membranes and generate high pressure hydrogen on site without the need for expensive compressors or huge industrial equipment.

Patented Technology

U.S. Patent 11,500,401 Nov 15, 2022

HYDROGEN Energy Investing
for Everyone

With the proper funding, we’re estimating a full retail cost of our power plant to be $3,000. It will be able to produce 600ml/minute and reach minimum levels of 200psi. We chose 200psi because that’s the psi that can be safely stored in existing and readily available propane tanks. Our power plant can easily far exceed that. We’re currently exceeding 800psi in testing and are fully confident we will reach 5,000psi by the end of 2023.
We are seeking investors for practical applications such as grills, home heating, fuel for generators, methanol production, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and more.


Compressing hydrogen requires energy. We circumvent that by capturing the pressure created by splitting water molecules through electrolysis.


Distribution means
– Extra compression
– OSHA & hazmat regulations
– Extra precautions
– More money
By producing on site, the Green Fuel solution eliminates this.


Currently, the infrastructure is limited and in its infancy. Work is underway to develop this infrastructure, but it isn’t needed with our solution.


With the continuing rise of energy cost, we offer a complete off the grid solution that can be used anywhere.

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